My last name looks pretty intimidating, but it’s only two syllables – go figure! Say “You’re you” with hard “g” sound before each word and you’re got it!

      <You-li-Ah>  +  <G’You’re-G’You>

I am multilingual, very driven, and I am all too eager to dive into new opportunities and expand my interests, writing in the Washington DC area.

As a writer, I strive to create unique work that is clear and concise. I hardly ever have a number one favorite of anything – I have around twelve best friends and I love them all so much! That goes for favorite authors, movies, music, classes, books, and projects.

I created this site to share all of these many favorites and other interests as well. I love sharing my work (though it takes a while for me to perfect it before I put it up here). If you are interested in anything that I do, please contact me.

I would love to answer any questions about how to get involved in the organizations that I’m affiliated with or about the work that I’ve done.



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